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Doctor Frio offers its customers pre-installations of air conditioning
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We perform all air conditioning installations at the best price in Benalmádena. We work with all brands, such as Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, LG, Panasonic, Daikin, Daitsu, Samsung, etc. We are not limited to any specific brand, so when advising our customers, we look for the best solution that suits your needs and possibilities.

We handle the installation of all types of air conditioning equipment and air conditioning: Split and multisplit, duct air condition networks with zoning systems (AIRZONE), cassettes, as well as aerothermal water heaters, etc.

Contact us, at Doctor Frio, for personalized advice tailored to your needs and always at the best price. We will advise you on everything you need.
We specialize in ducted air conditioning installations with zoning compatible with control from a tablet or smartphone. We install air conditioning in private homes, commercial premises, industrial buildings, hotels, offices, shopping centers, bars, restaurants, etc.

Good equipment and materials are as important in an air conditioning installation. The latter is only possible if professionals like Doctor Frio carry it out. You can get the best air conditioner on the market, but if the installation is improper, the probability that the air conditioner ends up giving problems is very high.

We offer a free quotation. If you are interested in installing air conditioning in Benalmádena at the best price, please get in touch with us, and a Doctor Frio technician will visit you to take measurements, make a study and offer the best solution without any cost or commitment.


Split air conditioners are used widely in the air conditioning sector. As much as 75% of all Spanish homes have one installed in at least one of the rooms. When we talk about Split 1x1, we refer to the indoor unit of the air conditioning set. On the other hand, an outdoor compressor is responsible for energy-efficient cooling and heating. Split air-conditioners range from 1.5kW to 8Kw. They come in various attractive designs for homes, bars, restaurants, hotels, etc. The choice of splits available on the market can be quite overwhelming. We have the largest catalog of air conditioners in Benalmádena and a clear understanding of the advantages of each model.


The cassette air conditioner is the most used product in the commercial sector, with a large catalog of air conditioners with recognized brands such as Panasonic, Daikin, Fujitsu, LG, or Mitsubishi. These units are designed to be installed in the false ceiling of large rooms, such as restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, shopping malls, etc. They can reach an average of 3,000 to 16,000 frigorific powers (kCal/h), being able to cool or heat a room of 160m2 (depending on the model).
The cassette air conditioners are composed of two units, just like the Split equipment. The indoor unit usually is designed to be as attractive as possible. Being widely used in the catering industry and hospitality, it has to match the design of the facilities. Doctor Frio has installed hundreds of cassette air conditioners in the Benalmádena area.


Installing air conditioning with ducts is ideal for homes or commercial premises where air conditioning is required in all rooms. It is the least aesthetically "intrusive" system. It consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit installed in a false ceiling, which through a network of ducts, distributes the air conditioning across the entire space of the house or premises. It is also the most energy-efficient system as it evenly distributes the cooling (or heating) across the rooms.

The duct units are hidden, and only the suction and discharge grills are visible. The grills allow uniform temperature distribution in large spaces with or without subdivisions. When installed in the false ceiling, with a minimum height of 24 cm, the whole system is hidden, achieving a seamless integration in any interior design.

In addition to being visually unobtrusive, ducted units are among the quietest air conditioning systems on the market. Doctor Frio installs ducted air conditioning systems for private and business clients in Benalmádena.


Airzone is a system that allows you to control the temperature of your home or office using a special thermostat which includes useful options such as raising and lowering the blinds of the grills in each room. It has other features such as turning the lights on and off, controlling your floor heating, etc. It is a solution for unified control that optimizes energy consumption and provides ultimate control and comfort. The main advantage of Airzone is that it allows you to switch the equipment on and off in each room and control the temperature individually, saving energy and providing maximum comfort.
Airzone systems are made up of three types of elements: thermostats in each room for temperature control, emission equipment (motorized grilles or dampers, solenoid valves, etc.), and a central control system that regulates the emission equipment.
Doctor Frio is an authorized installer of Airzone air conditioning system that allows one to set and program the desired temperature in each room. This feature achieves significant energy savings and high comfort throughout the house.

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If you need a professional company to buy and install air conditioning or centralised air conditioning, we are your company in Benalmádena..
If you need a professional company to buy and install air conditioning or air conditioning duct equipment, we are your company in Benalmádena.
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